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What is the recipe for everlasting love?

Elderly couples are an example that everlasting love is not just that of sending cards or flowers, buying jewellery and dining out but is love that is based on respect, patience and sacrifice. TVM spoke to two couples who know this perfectly and celebrated St Valentine’s Day with a special meal.

For Stella and Joseph Portelli, who this year celebrate 57 years of marriage, love extends beyond flowers and romantic gifts that are part and parcel of the day’s celebrations. The basis of their love is respect, sacrifice, commitment and patience, a patience of tolerating that other persons have defects and these have to be absorbed.

Although according to Joseph Portelli, St Valentine’s Day was not manifest in their earlier days, they however celebrated with 47 other couples in a special meal that was organised by Caremalta for couples resident in their homes.

These couples are witnesses that their love has grown over the years from their courtship to the time when they are now dependent on each other.

Lucy and Lars Sonensen have been married 41 years and well know what all of this means. Lucy said that since her husband lost the means of communication because of dementia their hand contact has attained great significance, much more than previously.

She said that in 41 years she has never slept alone. She had resided in Sweden for 25 years and her husband went to work and back every day and by the grace of God they have remained together. At home they are always hand-in-hand, even when asleep.

Lucy said their love commitment has remained strong because from the very first day of their meeting they have striven to make each other happy.

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