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Their work is to search for hidden cameras in public conveniences

The South Korean authorities have announced that daily inspections are to be carried out in public conveniences in searches for hidden cameras.

Pornography from hidden cameras has become a great problem in the country with many women fearing they may fall victims and appear unclothed in videos that are then posted all over the internet.

Earlier this year tens of thousands of women held protests against this scourge and carried placards reading ‘My life is not your porn’.

Meanwhile, last year, South Korean Police mounted fake videos of women purporting these were videoed by secret cameras and posted these on file sharing sites with the intention of pouncing on those who viewed them to make them realise the consequences of their act.

One of these purported to show a young woman changing her clothes. When the scene changes, she is seen looking upwards and this shocks those watching the video because she appears to be dead.

Words accompanying the video warn viewers they may be classified as accomplices in causing the girl to commit suicide.

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