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What employment opportunities does science and technology offer?

Primary School students and their parents have a chance to learn more about employment opportunities offered by science and technology through an expo to be organised by Esplora at Kalkara.

The interactive science centre Esplora at Kalkara, is offering a superb environment so that during their last three years at Primary Level, students can explore a career in science. The career expo aims to attract students to follow a career in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Ryan Ruggier, an Esplora presenter, said that attempts are being made to find elements found at home such as baking powder and lemon juice to be used in experiments that will ignite interest.

Another official, Clayton Cutajar, said that currently there are not enough persons employed in science and technology.

He said there is a great demand for engineers, aviation engineers as well as engineers in relation to green and sustainable development. He further mentioned the pharmaceutical sector, technology and Artificial Intelligence and that parents and guardians may not be aware of the opportunities available and the basic requisites required for them.

The expo, organised by MCST and MCAST will remain open to 26th January.

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