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Which services have been resumed at Mater Dei?

As from today, Mater Dei Hospital has resumed services that were stopped when the pandemic started.

Hospital CEO, Celia Falzon, explained that Outpatients services have been increased by about 25% but regulated by restrictions, including overcrowding.

She said those that had appointments before they were stopped have to await a telephone call from the hospital.

CEO Falzon further explained that services have to be dispensed in line with the current norms.

She said at this stage there cannot be a return to normality because the pandemic still exists as seen from the numbers. However, there cannot be further lengthy delays in the dispensation of some services and because of the length of time these have now become more urgent because patients have to be treated and cared for.

Outpatients should only attend on the new date and time stipulated and this includes those that had appointments over the last two months as well as those that had appointments previously scheduled in the coming days and weeks.

She said patients are being contacted and informed about appointments dates and some have been informed they have to wait for us to inform them while doctors are being consulted about the more urgent cases. Priority is being given to those that are the most urgent.

Mater Dei has also recommenced with non-urgent operations such as orthopaedic, hip and knee replacements, optical operation and genealogical.

There has also been an increase of X-rays, CT scans, MRIs and Ultrasounds. Fathers have been informed they can attend during births and the IVF service has been continued.

Ms Falzon said that however, visitors still cannot visit hospitalised patients. Currently only those attending Last Rites may attend at the very last moment. Services have been resumed because they have been forced to do so and a country cannot be permanently under lockdown. However, there has to be great caution because the pandemic is still evident.

Asked about the situation in the ENT Ward where a number of coronavirus cases have been reported, the CEO said this is closed, investigations have been carried out and patients transferred to another ward.

She appealed to those feeling pains or undergoing an aggravating condition that they should not be apprehensive because of hospital. Those feeling seriously ill must resort to hospital because they have to suffer the consequences of what they are experiencing.

Ms Falzon expressed an assurance that everything is being done to protect the hospital’s patients from the virus.

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