Is there a difference between male and female clothes pockets?

When assessing the differences in male and female clothing it is hardly unlikely that one would think about the difference in their trouser pocket sizes.

However, a study has concluded that women’s pockets are considerably smaller than that of males, in fact so small they are hardly practical.

Researchers from The Pudding found that on average, women’s pockets are 48% smaller and 6.5% narrower than men’s.

In an analysis of 80 pairs of jeans made by different firms including Calvin Klein, H&M, Levi’s, Wrangler and Ralph Lauren, female pockets were found to be so small they are only there for cosmetic appearance.

The conclusive proof was that although a mobile fits easily into a male pocket, it has no room in a female pocket.

Men can easily put their hands in their pockets – hardly possible for women.

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