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Bride disgusted at behaviour of guest who filled up ten containers with food from wedding buffet

A bride in Pennsylvania has shared her shocking experience on social media, expressing her disgust at one of the guests for the latter’s unethical behaviour during the bride’s wedding.

The bride wrote on Facebook that she was disgusted with this attitude, recalling how she and her husband had just a small ceremony and wedding reception with about 25 guests, most of them family and friends.

One of the guests was a friend of her father, and she had been invited so that the father would have someone with whom to socialise. A few days before the wedding, this guest asked the father whether she could take her daughter and son-in-law to the wedding, and the bride did not object.

When this extra guest turned up at the wedding, without her husband, she took with her ten plastic containers, seven of which she packed with the wedding food, and the other three with desserts from the buffet. She also took some bottles of beer and most of the flowers from the tables.

The bride wrote that at the time she had not realised what was happening, but on the following day her father told her what had taken place. Even worse, the bride got really angry when she found that the guest had gifted her the sum of just $5.

The bride added that the woman is not poor, in fact she is better off that the bride, who was very surprised and upset.



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