You can soon enjoy the Maritime Museum from the comfort of your home

The restoration of the largest exhibit at the Maritime Museum is ready. The Pulena, which spent its days on the prow of HMS Hibernia, is back to its full glory. At the moment it is sitting. in silence because the pandemic has closed the doors of all museums, but once they re-open this will be included among the thousands of exhibits in this historical museum in Vittoriosa.  At the moment, the structural restoration at this museum is ongoing and once it is ready, it will double the space where the exhibits are held, so that those items which have been kept in storage, can be displayed.

Keith Gatt, a coordinating curator at the Maritime Museum said that, at the moment, a digitalisation project is underway so that all artefacts can be scanned in 3D so that the public can appreciate the artefacts from the comfort of their home. He said that the museum is working to use more artefacts to tell the maritime history of these islands which spans several centuries.

“We aim to focus more on the sieges which Malta went through over the years such as the Great Siege of 1565, the blockade during the French era and WWII, and focus more on the offensive role which Malta played during the war especially in the presence of the Royal Navy and the submarines of the 10th Submarine Flotilla.”

The Museum is also restoring the ceremonial sword of the Lieutenant Commander Edward Tomkinson who used to lead the submarine, HMS Urge and which was found just off the Grand Harbour by the divers employed with Heritage Malta.

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