You may end up threatened to access your own information

Internet is a luxury to use – it makes our lives easier. However, not everything that appears online is good. One has to be on guard because he might end up a victim of the virtual world. Ransomware is among the major digital attacks.

A video produced by Cyber Security Malta, withing the Government’s Agency for Information Technology MITA explains that ransomware is the type of malware that is capable of accessing your information in a way you cannot access it.

In other words, in such circumstances a message is loaded on screen of the user informing him to re-access his information by paying a form of crypto. Cyber Security Malta stressed that in such cases, a person should never pay to criminals and there is no guarantee that he will be given access to his information. One should be aware of ransomware by:

  • Making a backup of the information and offline, such as on some external hard disk.
  • Beware from where files are uploaded on your device.
  • Protect the computer with anti virus and a firewall. See that they have genuine licences and are updated regularly.
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