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You may report vehicles emitting smoke through an app

Transport Malta has updated its smartphone app of the Malta Road Traffic Updates so that members of the public may report, even through photos, vehicles emitting smoke. Until today this could only be done with an SMS and through this update, Transport Malta will be able to take immediate action against drivers of vehicles emitting smoke.

The Traffic Enforcement and Control Centre head, Clint Axisa, told TVM that the technological step will be more effective than the sms report system so that Transport Malta takes action against polluting vehicles.

“Within seconds that a person sends us from the app, we will know which vehicle is emitting smoke. If we have a photo, the system automatically sends a registered letter to the vehicle owner so that within seven days he goes for an emission test at Transport Malta. If it fails, the car will have its licence withdrawn until the owner regularizes himself”.

Mr Axisa said that the app updating makes it more easy to report polluting vehicles. “One clicks on emission and enters the vehicle’s number plate and one may also send a photo of the vehicle. The process is immediately triggered because we have the information that the car is emitting smoke”.

Mr Axisa appealed to drivers not to send the messages while driving because they will breach the regulations when using a smartphone. 241 reports were lodged during the first five months of the system – 39 vehicles failed the test on emissions carried out by TM officers. The MRTU app is already being used by 15,000 people, and also serves for an updating of traffic flow, especially where accidents occur or works are in progress and cause traffic congestion.

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