Young man found guilty of attacking another driver in road rage incident

A young man, aged 23 from Fgura, was sentenced to 26 months in jail after he was found guilty of attacking another man during an argument while they were both driving.

Brandon Lee Psaila was charged that on 8 March 2019, at around 10.15am in Triq Aldo Moro in Marsa, he attacked Walid Jadalla Mohamed Abo Assaf and caused him slight injuries.

He was also accused of breaching the public peace, committing a crime while under probation and breaching his suspended 24 month sentence.

Psaila, who was driving and had his girlfriend in his car with him, insisted that he stopped to see whether the other man  had hit his car. He claimed that the other driver, who was with his wife, came at him with an iron bar, and he pushed him to defend himself.

On his part, Assaf said that he pulled over after he saw that the accused was angry since he  was honking his horn and when he explained to him that it was not him who hit his car, the young man attacked him.

Psaila was found guilty by the Magistrate’s Court and apart from two months jail, the 24 month suspended sentence also came into effect, bringing the total sentence to 26 months.

He appealed,  however Judge Consuelo Scerri Herrera turned down his appeal because she said his behaviour was not a case of self-defence. She even remarked that it was his girlfriend’s intervention which avoided “a more disastrous result” in this incident.

The same Judge also noted that despite the fact that he is only 23, Psaila has already been found guilty of various crimes including theft, illegal arrest, possession of stolen goods and causing great fear in a woman.

She also saw the report by the probation officer where it resulted that he has been using cannabis since the age of 15 and remarked that despite the prison sentence hanging over his head he kept taking drugs.

Judge Scerri Herrera asked the Director of the Corradino Correctional Facility to ensure that the traumas Psaila has experienced in his life are addressed while he is serving his sentence.