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Young woman joins the Sisters of the ‘Qaddejja taċ-Ċenaklu’ to serve at ‘Dar tal-Kleru’

When Dar tal-Kleru was set up – a residence for elderly or ill priests – the Order of Sisters called Qaddejja taċ-Ċenaklu was also  formed. For the last 55 years they have dedicated their lives to the priests in this home. TVM visited id-Dar tal-Kleru, where we met with Lorna Cassar, who began her novitiate last May.

Lorna Cassar – a 31-year-old woman from Gozo –  is the latest novice to join these Sisters who serve at Dar tal-Kleru.

Before becoming a novice, she had spent 15 years doing voluntary work at this home for elderly priests who would have retired from the community.

“Voluntary work fills your heart with a certain happiness so while it seems you might be giving in fact you are receiving a lot more than you are giving, and it is because of these experiences that the wish began to grow inside of me not to simply go there once or twice a week, but that God wanted something more from me, to give my whole life to this vocation.”

Dar tal-Kleru opened its doors on 8. May 1964.  On that day,  Mons Salvu Grima set up the community for the Sisters of the Qaddejja taċ-Ċenaklu with the first five nuns. Today they number nine and are located n Malta

Mother Superior Marija Falzon has been an qaddejja taċ-ċenaklu for 38 years. She says that their work reflects the moment when Jesus Christ set up the priesthood.

“We take this name because we are the servants of these priests, and hence qaddejja taċ-ċenaklu.”

There are 46 priests currently living at the Dar tal-Kleru.  The Mother explained that from. time to time, some. priests join them for a period of convalescence until they recover their health after an operation.

A group  of employees and around 40 volunteers give a valuable helping hand to the care of these priests and their needs.

“We have men who take care of the maintenance, women who sew and iron the clothes, clean up,  wash plates, help out in the kitchen, serve the food, which all very valuable work which we truly appreciate and cherish.”

The Mother Superior added that the Qaddejja taċ-Ċenaklu are a religious order consecrated to God.

“The happiness and peace which I felt here is something which I can say I have not feel anywhere else and it has remained in my heart.”

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