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Young woman who saw Liam Debono run over Police Constable testifies

During the compilation of evidence in the case of Liam Debono who is facing 47 charges, including the attempted murder of PC Simon Schembri on 15 May, the young woman who was the first to report the incident to the Police, gave her testimony.

The Court ordered that her name cannot be published and she was also allowed to testify via video conferencing. She described what she saw at around 7.45am that morning when she was on the bus stop, and saw the PC stopping a Mercedes, behind the wheel of which there was Liam Debono.

She said that they stopped just two metres away from her and she explained that when the police officer went near the driver and asked him for his ID card, the driver shook his head in the negative. She said that the PC went back to his motorcycle to speak to someone. Meanwhile, she said, Debono began driving the car slowly and the PC went in front of the car to try and stop him, but the accused kept on driving.

Questioned by Inspector Fabian Fleri she also indicated to the Court who the driver was, and also explained that he was alone in the car. The defence attorney, Dr Amadeus Cachia who is appearing for the accused together with Dr Franco Debono, asked the young woman whether the PC was in front of the car when he tried to stop the driver and she replied in the affirmative.

The prosecution led by Dr Pierguido Saliba and Dr Fabian Fleri also asked the Court for the Court experts to be given the password for Liam Debono’s mobile but the defence objected. Inspector Fleri asked the Court whether the expert could open the mobile without a password and Magistrate Joe Mifsud approved this request.

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