Your password has been hacked..but how?

Throughout the years the digital sector has made gigantic strides. It has undoubtedly changed the way we all live. People use social media as well as the Internet to regularly retain all sorts of information including personal data and bank account details when shopping online. One often hears that a good passport is all one needs, but how accurate is this?

In a video by Cyber Security Malta within the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) it was explained that sometimes a secure password is not enough. It said that security practices such as two-factor authentication offer more security and peace of mind.

In other words, apart from the password, with the two-factor authentication, in order to access all one’s information one needs to enter a code which he receives or which is generated specifically on an app. This  access code generally expires shortly afterwards.

Cyber Security Malta said that the access code should not be given to anyone under any circumstances. It advises that if one gets a notification to enter a code without having asked for it, one should change their password immediately because it means it would have been hacked and there would be a malicious intention by someone to access the hidden information.

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