Youth defrauds elderly man of €3,000 after convincing him he was “Dun Ġwakkin”

A 28-year-old man who lives in Cospicua has been remanded in custody after admitting to defrauding an elderly 90-year-old man of 3,000 euro by pretending to be a priest.

Inspector Clayton Camilleri explained to Magistrate Rachel Montebello that Dillon Kenneth Junior Bartolo knocked on the elderly man’s door, told him he was Dun Ġwakkin and that he was collecting funds for charity.

The accused began meeting up with the elderly man more frequently, and after the Police received information about this case, they apprehended the youth near the elderly man when the victim was withdrawing money from an ATM.

Lawyer Marouska Debono, who appeared for Bartolo, said her client was being chased by drug traffickers who were demanding money he owed them.

Magistrate Montebello will deliver sentence tomorrow, Thursday.