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Youth got married to protect his son’s life… judge annuls marriage

A judge has annulled a marriage after it resulted that a youth was forced to marry by  the girl’s family after they were aware that she was pregnant.

The couple had married in 1999, with the man requesting the Family Court to annul the marriage maintaining that he married against his will and that, during the marriage, they lived separately and that sexual intimacy between them was inexistent.

Madame Justice Jacqueline Padovani Grima heard that when the couple met, the youth was aged 20 and the girl 16. The two lived a life of revelry and partying, and that the problem started when the girl became pregnant.

The man told the court that her father and her sister’s husband when shouting at his mother’s home and asking him about his plans, while the girl’s mother approached him with a knife, telling him that the girl wanted an abortion “due to embarrassment with people”.

Although the girl wanted to abort herself, he refused and accepted to marry her so that the baby is not born before wedlock. On many occasions they went out together, leaving the boy with relatives.

The woman, however, said that he was always possessive and also accused him of beating her. She admitting passing through hard times due to the baby’s birth, denied it was her family who insisted on abortion, but it was her husband’s uncle.

Judge Padovani Grima remarked that neither of the two were prepared for marriage and that the only thing that kept them together was their love for the boy. While saying that their engagement period was filled with revelry, the Court stressed that she is morally convinced that the man got married to protect his son’s life.

For these reasons, the Court upheld the man’s request and annulled the marriage.