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Youth who inquired on social media on dismissal from work, ended up accused of theft

A Maltese youth who on the social media inquired where to check for his rights as he was dismissed from work and was given his salary, ended up accused with theft by the company which employed him.

The company, which owns various food stores around Malta, said it terminated the youth’s employment because he had for long stolen from the cash point by not punching food items being sold.

The company’s director stated that they had enough proof that the worker carried out the theft for long, and had videos of him, even indicating of uploading them on the internet. The company also alleged that he had an accomplice and it warned the latter to punch items accordingly.

The company added that the due salary will be given to the former employee when he refunds the money he stole, which amounted to more than his salary.

Following these allegations, the social media post was removed from its page.