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VIDEO: Youth who overran traffic policeman at Luqa apprehended

The driver of the car who this morning hit a traffic policeman at Luqa and drove on was caught a few minutes later at Ta’ Kanja area.

It is known that the driver, 17-year old Liam Debono, was stopped by the policeman allegedly for an inspection of his licence.

The youth hit the policeman near the Lidl roundabout with the result that the police officer ended up on the car’s bonnet. The driver is said to have continued driving with the officer on his car, until the latter fell and was over run near the entrance to the industrial area.

It was at this point that the youth continued driving and headed towards Ta’ Kandja. It is being reported that the youth may have taken hold of the car from a member of his family.

TVM is informed that the traffic policeman suffered grievous injuries and is in critical condition.