Youth with disability speaks about the budget

The budget and its impact on the Maltese economy as well as on Maltese and Gozitan citizens has been discussed during the Popolin programme.

During a vox pop carried out in Valletta, a number of persons were asked for their views about the 2021 budget. The great majority of the individuals who spoke with Popolin agreed that this is a positive budget which affects many sectors and will help every category of society.

Popolin also spoke with Gianluca Cutajar, a youth with a disability who shared his opinion on the effect of the 2021 budget on disabled persons. Cutajar spoke about the fact that from one year to the next, every budget in recent years came out with some form of improvement or assistance aimed at disabled persons. In his opinion, the budget addressed two main points: the economic and the social aspect.

Gianluca explained that one of the most fundamental measures mentioned was that it will be addresing the problems faced by disabled persons who because of health reasons cannot either join the labour force or continue working, and for this reason, parameters have been amended so that more disabled persons will become eligible to apply for this assistance. Another measure which will have a positive impact is that every school is to be equipped with a multi-sensory room to help students with autism. “This is an important measure both from the educational aspect and also because it promotes inclusion.”

Gianluca also explained the economic impact of this budget on the quality of life of Maltese and Gozitans. “When I sift through all the meaasures announced in this budget, even those not necessarily aimed at disabled persons, I believe that in an indirect way there will be a positive impact both on the community in general and also on disabled persons.”