Zabbar umbrellas going places; winning campaign awards

The installation of colored umbrellas in the Main Street of Zabbar has not only translated into photographic exhibitions in Paris, Singapore and Saudi Arabia but has also won the award for best social media campaign.

The award was given to the Local Council of Zabbar and to the company Y Limited who conducted the campaign, during the eighth edition of the eBusiness Awards, organised by the Communications Authority.

This year 21 entries in seven categories made it to the final, with the award for best app being won by Savvisave of Mapfre MSV Life while Tinkshop won the award for best website developed by the company NIU which allows for the design of products from the comfort of one’s home.

Karl Bezzina won the award for best academic project in the field of information technology while the award for best eGovernment initiative went to MCST with its portal MITA Agency won a new award for excellence and innovation in information security.

Dana Farrugia, CEO of Tech.MT said that Malta was attracting a lot of local and international talent in the field of technology,

“A platform like eBusiness awards serves as a way of recognising talent and promoting innovation”.

As of next year such awards will be organized by Tech.MT.

Parliamentary Secretary for Innovation, Silvio Schembri said that e-commerce is growing very rapidly and these awards further confirm the progress being made in this area where Malta is the only country in Europe having an ultra-fast fixed internet service.

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