Zack Meli killed following argument which allegedly broke out after he bumped into girl

A cruel blow was dealt to the family of a young man who yesterday went out to enjoy himself in Paceville but never came back home. Zach Meli, 24,  from Swieqi was the victim of an argument in the early hours of the morning which unfortunately broke out at the bottom of the Paceville steps, as this area is known among the young people who frequent this nightlife spot. A 19-year-old Bulgarian, Denis Davkov, resident in Sliema, has been detained under arrest and is expected to be charged in Court with the murder of Zach Meli.

Meli died following an argument in the early hours of Sunday morning in Paceville.

From information obtained by TVM, Zach Meli probably lost his life due to an internal hemorrhage after being punched by the Bulgarian teenager.. This will be confirmed in an autopsy shortly.

Everything indicates that the Police are treating this as a case of murder.  It all started from an argument at around 6.30am in Triq Santu Wistin, at the bottom of the steps in Triq Santa Rita, which lead to the heart of Paceville.

From Police investigations it appears that a few minutes before the incident, the victim was going down the steps when he bumped into a young Maltese woman, who was in the company of two young men, a Maltese man and Denis Davkov. It was at this point that the argument broke out, with Davkov allegedly turning towards Meli and punching him in the middle of his forehead with his fist.

Police from the St Julian’s police station were the first to arrive on the scene where they found the young man laying unconscious on the pavement. Medical assistance was requested and Meli was admitted to Mater Dei but was certified to have died shortly afterwards.

The Police said in a statement that it had rounded up some foreign nationals to speak to them about the case. TVM is informed that Denis Davkov will be arraigned  in Court on Monday. The Police have substantiated their investigations through the collection of CCTV footage from the area which caught everything that happened on film.

On Friday on Facebook, Zach Meli uploaded a photo with the above message.

Zack’s sister, Leonie, in a Facebook post, spoke about being separated from her younger brother and that she would continue to fight to the end for justice to be served over his death.

The investigation is being led by Assistant Commissioner, Kevin Farrugia and Inspector Kurt Zahra from the Department of Criminal Investigations and Inspector Matthew Spagnol from the district police station. Magistrate Claire Stafrace Zammit is leading the inquiry.

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