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Young Maltese woman achieves musical and beatbox success in London

Dana McKeon, a young Maltese woman, is continuing achieving success as well as obtaining beatbox honours, an innovative art of mouthing musical instruments.

During the six-and-a-half years she has been living in London, 29-year-old Dana has continued diversifying her musical career because over and above her beatbox successes she is also writing music.

Dana said she has a lot of different projects. She said she initially just focused on herself as a performing artist but now she is also writing music for television and films and other artists while regularly playing at concerts all over London.

During this period Dana represented Malta twice in beatboxing championships and also issued a single called ‘Street Art’ that she produced herself.

Dana graduated from Malta University as a physiotherapist but decided to go to London to pursue her dreams, a risk that has proven to be successful.

She said she had had to face financial challenges because adopting a musical career is no easy feat. However, she received a lot of support from her family and close friends which she highly appreciates. Facing these challenges also helped her emerge from her comfort zone and obtain opportunities and experiences otherwise which she would not have enjoyed. In London she can make contacts with music labels.

Dana McKeon is also collaborating locally with singers and musicians.

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