Zammit Lewis cannot implement Public Inquiry recommendations – PN

The Nationalist Party has said that Minister Edward Zammit Lewis cannot implement the recommendations of the Public Inquiry because he was in cahoots with entrepreneur Yorgen Fenech, the owner of 17 Black.

During a media conference the main PN Spokesperson, Peter Agius, said that Dr Zammit Lewis should resign as the Minister for Justice and if he does not do that voluntarily he should be dismissed by the Prime Minister. Dr Agius maintained as the Minister for Justice, Dr Zammit Lewis cannot be regarded as being credible regarding criminal actions because f his close relationship with Yorgen Fenech.

PN MP Karol Aquilina referred to the recommendations of the Inquiry, including that when a person in a public position abuses his position and when a person creates actions to prevent suspicion on themselves, these are criminal actions that should be immediately tackled.

The President of Riċerka Politika, Martina Caruana, said Parliament should be convened with urgency to discuss the No Confidence Motion lodged by the PN concerning Dr Zammit Lewis. Dr Caruana maintained that Malta cannot afford to have a Minister for Justice that gives an example of bad governance.

Regarding whether action should be taken on the two PN MPs who met with Yorgen Fenech after it became known he was the owner of 17 Black, Dr Agius said a distinction has to be made between politicians with an executive position and those that maintain contact with all members of society. In his belief the two cases cannot be considered as having the same weight.