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Breakthrough in Brexit saga – UK and EU Commission agree exit draft document

There has been a breakthrough in Brexit. Downing Street has announced an agreement has been reached at technical level between the United Kingdom and the EU Commission. Yesterday evening in London, Prime Minister Theresa May had to meet with her Ministers at 10, Downing Street to seek their support for a Cabinet Meeting to be held today afternoon.

Following months of negotiations and many setbacks sources within May’s Cabinet are saying that British officials and Commission officials have reached a draft agreement on Britain’s exit from the EU.

Yesterday evening May had to meet her Ministers individually in order to gain their majority support to be able to present the draft agreement for the Cabinet’s approval by this afternoon. Her office said they will be able to see the relevant documents for themselves before taking the next step forward.

The frontier issue between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland was one of the last stumbling blocks holding up progress mainly concerning a guarantee there will not be a reintroduction of searches when frontiers are crossed after Brexit.

Those leading the campaign in favour of Brexit, including Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg, are appealing to the Cabinet not to accept the draft agreement that amongst other points includes the rights of citizens after Brexit and that there will be a transition period of 21 months following exit on 29th March next year and the imposition of a 39 billion pounds sterling fine as a result of the exit.

In a further development, representatives of the 27 Member States will be meeting in Brussels.

If all goes well for Theresa May, the agreement may be approved by Members States’ Leaders during a Council of Europe meeting later in the month.

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