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Zejtun bar owner not guilty of attacking client

Albert Mifsud, 60, was cleared of charges that he had grievously injured a man in his bar in Zejtun, because there was a lack of evidence. Magistrate Doreen Clarke noted that the only witnesses were the victim and the accused.

The incident happened in August 2017 at the Red Stars Bar, after the victim allegedly drank two shots, with the two witnesses giving different versions of what supposedly happened.

The victim said that the barmen had offered him another drink and he kept refusing and alleged that he had also offered him seomething else besides alcohol. He said that when Mifsud offered him another drink, and he once again refused him, it was then that Mifsud allegedly started beating him up.

On the other hand, the barmen said that the victim had long been bothering people at the bar and the argument broke out when he asked the client to leave.

The Magistrate said that it could not say with certainty what the motive was behind this fight.

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