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Żejtun barber who “will close up shop when he dies”!

He started cutting hair when he was 13-years old and today, at the age of 68, he doesn’t intend to stop. Żejtun barber, Louis Cassar, told TVM why ha placed a note on his barber’s door that “he will close up shop when he dies”.

Cassar’s shop is a few metres away from the Żejtun church, where his father started the trade and a place where Żejtun clients used to go for a chat and relax.

“I remember when I was still a boy, my mother used to bring tea to my father; I used to accompany her. I remember my father having a newspaper at the shop and read news to the clients – those days there were many people who couldn’t read”, Louis recounted.

Louis inherited the barber’s trade from his father, who died at a young age. He recounted how he started cutting hair 55 years ago. “I trained for a year with him and my father died. I continued to go there and once he told me ‘Louis I want to tell you something: you are capable of working anytime, go and open the shop’. I told him I am going”.

His shop has kept its old style with wooden benches and armchairs….however many of the old tools are now exhibited in a cabinet. “I used to shave clients’ beards with a penknife, however with time I stopped and concentrated on haircuts only”.

Although he already passed the retirement age, Louis does not intend to close up shop and he placed a note that he will do so when he dies!. “I did that because of rumours by people and I am not that ignorant to realize the intentions”. He also said that there is no one in the family or relatives who want to continue with the family trade.

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