Two men fined €900 each for having arrived in Malta with falsified Covid-19 certificates

Ayoub Mohamed Abdulahi, aged 23 and Ahmad Jihad Jibreel Qundil aged 22, both born in London, were each fined €900 for having travelled to Malta with false Covid certificates. They were detected on arrival from the UK by a certificate scanner that indicated there was a difference between the names on the certificates and those of the arrivals. They admitted to accusations.

In two separate cases, two Syrians, 30-year-old Nassr Jaber and Hamid Adou aged 22 were sentenced to six months of imprisonment for having travelled with the use of false identification papers. They arrived on a flight from Greece and admitted to accusations. In addition, Mohammed Ahmed Osman, a 23-year-old Sudanese was also jailed for six months after being detained trying to travel to Bergamo in Italy with false documents and also admitting to accusations.