Increase in supplementary benefits for couples whose income does not exceed €14,318 annually

The Minister for Solidarity, Social Justice, the Family and the Rights of Children, Michael Falzon, has said that from December there will be provided Supplementary Assistance for the elderly, pensioners and employed persons who qualify in this sector. He explained that married persons and couples whose income does not exceed €14,318 annually will be receiving supplementary benefits that vary between €3.47 and €6.50 weekly, according to their income.

He added that persons who live on their own and whose annually income does not exceed €10,221 will receive an increase of between €4.10 and €5.00 weekly. He said that overall, 29,000 persons will benefit from this on an expenditure of €5.6 annually. He further referred to a measure as from Monday that a temporary address will be provided for those without a residence to enable them to benefit from assistance and social benefits.