‘ŻiguŻajg’ is back with physical and online audiences for their productions

For the 11th year in a row, Spazju Kreattiv will be organising the arts festival Żigużajg, for children aged between 8 -12. After last year’s experience, ŻiguŻajg reached its largest audience ever with its online performances and this year it will retain this option, while audiences will also be back in the theatre.

ŻiguŻajg will be back between 19 – 28 November with a programme of dance, visual arts and theatrical productions. In order to reach everyone this year, Żigużajg has implemented a hybrid programme, with half the productions being for physical audiences and the other half for those online.

The CEO of the Creativity Foundation Rupert Cefai said that ŻiguŻajg is an investment in the future, because it is intended for children who are the artists and audiences of tomorrow.

“We believe that in order to foster the best talent for the future we need to give artists the best work and expose them to the best which is around today. I think ŻiguŻajg has managed to do this over the last few years.”

Members of the audience who are going to the theatre and are over the age of 12 need to present a vaccine certificate. Children under 12 will be exempted from this but need to be accompanied by an adult who has a vaccine certificate.