ŻiguŻajg to be held virtually between 20 – 29 November

The festival ŻiguŻajg will be back this year with a difference. During the launch of the 10th edition of the festival, the Chairman of the Creativity Foundation, Rupert Cefai, said that for the first time in its history, ŻiguŻajg will be shown virtually because of the pandemic.

“Even the art exhibitions which are being held at Spazju Kreattiv, the entire ŻiguŻajg programme and other projects being held here all have a unique component which is online.”

Mr Cefai said that the cultural sector was very badly hit by the pandemic because the sector depends on audiences to attend the cultural activities. He remarked that the rest of the artistic productions by the Foundation will be transmitted virtually.

“Another advantage is that you will have a wider audience and greater possibilities but the quality needs to be better and the expenses have increased as well.”

Culture Minister Jose’ Herrera said that, “with the obstacles which the pandemic has brought with it, the need for ŻiguŻajg has been felt even more, and so has our commitment to see it being held. This was made possible through the marvellous possibilities of technology and virtual reality, which are allowing us to bring these high quality productions to audiences, and in this way the main aim of this festival is being reached.”

For more information go to www.ziguzajg.org