Record of participating teams in MESA Football League 2015-2016.

A record 32 teams will be taking part in the MESA Football League for season 2015-2016. These include six new teams, making MESA the member association affiliated to the MFA with the largest number of participating teams. During a meeting for all team delegates, it was decided to introduce a 4th Division as from the new season and this will be made up of the six new participating teams. Nine teams will be participating in both the 1st and 2nd Division, while eight teams will be taking part in the 3rd Division League.

The teams taking part this season are:

Division 1: AFM A, AFM B, Bank of Valletta A, HSBC, Housing Authority, Malta Freeport, Maltapost, Ministry for Education & Employment, Universita’ ta’ Malta

Division 2: Air Malta, Central Bank of Malta, Corradino Correctional Facility, Customs, Mater Dei A, PPCD (MEAIM), Pulizija A, Pulizija B, Transport Malta

Division 3: APS Bank, Bank of Valletta B, Commissioner for Revenue, Detention Services, Heritage Malta, Mater Dei Hospital B, MSDEC (Agrikoltura), SVPR

Division 4: Banif Bank, Bank of Valletta C, MEPA, Mt Carmel Hospital, National Statistics Office (NSO), WasteServ


The MESA Football League 2015-2016 will be starting in November 2015.



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