A truly eventful weekend for the Malta Karate Federation


A total of 24 athletes participated in two different Karate competitions between 10-11 October. One of the events was held in Poland, the Polish Open IX International Karate Grand Prix and the other in Cyprus,the Small States of Europe Karate Championship, with the Maltese athletes winning 25 medals in all.

4 Gold, 3 Silver, 10 Bronze for Malta team in Cyprus

Over 150 athletes from Monaco, San Marino, Luxembourg, Cyprus and Malta took part in the second edition of the Small States Karate Championships in Cyprus – Nicosia 10 October.

“This is a very high level competition in which elite athletes are selected to represent their country and participate in the two different areas of competitive Karate, namely Kata (forms) and Kumite (sparring). Our athletes have trained hard showing once again a high level of determination and commitment on their part, on the part of their parents and our Senseis who dedicate a lot of their time towards these events”.

Christine Micallef as head of delegation, Sensei James Galea Black Belt 6th Dan and MKF Technical Director, Sensei Frank Vella and Sensei Tyler Tanti accompanied the Malta team to Cyprus. “We take pride in our Sensei Kim Stanton who gave a stunning performance obtaining silver in the female Kata Category.”

“The Malta Karate Federation strives to continually provide training opportunities both locally and abroad to give the best possible preparation to our athletes, a contributing factor to the very rewarding results achieved,” said Mr Kenneth Abela, MKF President.

2 Gold, 1 Silver, 5 Bronze for Malta team in Poland

Sensei Joe Tanti MKF National Kata Coach, Sensei Josef Antonelli, Sensei Sue Zammit and Sensei Anthony Zammit – Black Belt 6th Dan and WKF certified world referee accompanied the athletes to Poland.

“We must congratulate our athletes who gave a great performance, the results of which are very encouraging. Congratulations also go to Sensei Anthony Zammit who participated in the Masters Class and winning the gold. The level at the Polish Open IX International Karate Grand Prix was very high indeed and the results obtained are well deserved for the hard work of all those involved. We are seeing a constant improvement in the level of Karate of our athletes and this augurs well for the future.”

Kenneth Abela, President of the Malta Karate Federation concluded by thanking Kunsill Malti Ghall-Isport and Maltese Olympic Committee for their constant support.

Written by...
Rodney Vassallo