Bonello and Camilleri winners of 1st ASMK Trials

On Sunday 8th November 2015 ASMK will continue the activities of the ASMK Pasta Poiatti National Championship 2015/2016. This is the second event where drivers of the Autocross Modified and Standard cars will be competing for the Championship. The track direction will be of a clockwise direction along the kilometre long track. This second event of the season  starts at noon.

Meanwhile on Sunday 1st November the Trials Motorcycle Championship initiated with the first event being organized in a hard rock cutting Quarry at San Pawl tat-Targa at Wied Ghomor limits of Naxxar. Despite the storm and rain that occurred overnight and in the early morning the Association still remained ongoing with the program as planned.

The competition between the riders was close from the beginning until the end and became more interesting after the fourth section during which time it began to rain again thus making the situation more difficult for the riders to overcome the obstacles on track because the ground was slippery. The riders of both classes all drove the same sections and this made the competition more interesting to watch.

Bonello cousins Damon and Rowen dominated the Class A where they headed with equal point at all times until the fourth section when Rowen driving on a Beta motorcycle gained some penalty points while Damon riding on a Gas Gas motorcycle continued at full speed and defended his place until the end of the competition.

In Class B the competition for the lead was between Manuel Camilleri and Ian Scicluna both on Gas Gas motorcycles. The two riders retained same placings during the first two sections when Camilleri happened to take the lead on Scicluna who gained penalty points during the third and fourth sections but narrowed the gap again by performing a good clean ride during the fifth section thus recovering most of what was lost earlier.

The day’s competition closed with Damon Bonello as the winner of class A with just 14 penalty points. Second placed is Rowen Bonello who finished with 17 points of penalty. Rowen was followed by Gary Debono who finished the day with 25 penalty points.

Joseph Scicluna who was riding his first competition in class A finished a close finish in fourth place with 28 point and close to Debono.

In Class B, Manuel Camilleri with 47 penalty points finished ahead of Ian Scicluna with 53 point penalty.

Further information can found on the Official website of the Association or in Facebook pages named ASMK Malta or Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi. One can make contact with the Association by email on:-  [email protected]

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