Father and son win 2021 Venice Historic Regatta

Rudi and Mattia Vignotto, father and son, won the gondolini race of Venice Historic regatta on Sunday with their orange gondolino.

In the second place the brothers Roberto and Renato Busetto with their violet gondolino and in third place Alvise d’Este and Davide Prevedello with a pink gondolino.

As for women Romina Ardit and Anna Mao have won the two-oared mascarete for the 13th time, the latter has discovered to be affected by multiple sclerosis.

At the regatta there were also some banners in support of Marco Zennaro, a Venetian businessman held hostage in Sudan since April 1st, when he was imprisoned in Khartoum on charge of fraud but allegedly kidnapped to extract a ransom payment.


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