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Ferenc Puskás musical to premier this weekend
Exactly 75 years ago, on 20 August 1945 Ferenc Puskás played for the first time in the Hungarian national football team and scored his first national league goal during the Hungary-Austria (5:2) match. For this anniversary a musical has been prepared, directed by Vajk Szente with the debuting preshow in the Erkel Theatre on 20 August.
Puskás musical brings alive and pays tribute to the story of the most well-known Hungarian, alongside to the greatest football team ever, the Golden Team. The musical shows the life of the world’s greatest football player between 1937 when Puskás was 10 years old and got signed first to Kispest till the European Champion Clubs’ Cup finals of Real Madrid – Eintracht Frankfurt in 1960.
Every detail of the musical is based on the true story and presents this era in an authentic way. Each character once lived and did exactly what is shown in the musical.

At the press conference of the musical producer László Szabó said: “Each and every Hungarian person in this world is touched by Puskás and the story of the Golden Team. It is a brave move to make a musical about Puskás but the creators and the team guarantee the worthy tribute. This musical can be played on any international stage just as Ferenc Puskás could play at any international football field. Puskás embodied all that we, Hungarians are proud of: patriotism, bravery, friendship, loyalty and naughtiness.”

The producer added that the debut pre-show was planned to be on Heroes Square to commemorate the 75th anniversary. The open air production with spectacular show elements will happen later due to the pandemic. 21 actors, 60 dancers, 30 child actors will participate in the show with 20 songs included. The pre-shows will be on 20 August at 3pm and 9 pm. The final rehearsal will be on 19 August at 7pm when the health workers of the capital are invited via a registration through the Hositals’ Association who can watch the show free of charge.

Puskás, the musical is not the first gigantic production of the director, Vajk Szente. Many of his previous works gained huge success in the Hungarian musical scene such as the Sister Act Show or the Shrek, played in Arena. Puskás, the musical is not a license production but an entirely Hungarian composition attached to the trio of Levente Juhász – Vajk Szente – Attila Galambos. They have already worked well together forming a creative team previously, like on Macskafogó (Cat City) at József Attila Theatre or on A beszélő köntös in Kecskemét at the Katona József Theatre.

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