ITTF President takes Executive Committee to court after ruling body assumes decision-making power

The ITTF Executive Committee said Thomas Weikhert has lost “confidence and support” The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) Executive Committee has revealed it has informed Thomas Weikert that he has lost their “trust, confidence and support” in the latest crisis at the top of the organisation.

A statement from the ITTF Executive Committee announced that the members will take all decisions on a majority basis until the next Annual General Meeting.

The ITTF Executive Committee said it had taken the action to help find “positive solutions to recent and ongoing difficulties”, adding they needed to “act on their democratic and constitutional rights in order to unify the Executive Committee in the best interest of the ITTF”.

The ITTF Executive Committee also announced it had voted in favour of reinstating Khalil Al-Mohannadi as the ITTF Deputy President.

The Qatari will be reinstated “until such time as the initial purported decision-making authority of the President and any and all allegations against the Deputy President have been fully clarified and dealt with in accordance with due process and natural justice and as set out in the ITTF Constitution”.

“For me there is nothing to celebrate in the middle of a crisis, but today won the democracy, common sense and justice,” a statement from Nestor Tenca, ITTF Executive Vice-President responsible for rules and the constitutional review.

Weikert promised he would take legal action before the respective sports courts against the decision of the Executive Committee, which he described as “unauthorised interference with his rights and a blatant violation of the ITTF Constitution”.



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