James Galea Jr and Samuel Grech win 2020 Independence Cup

This year’s edition of Tazza Indipendenza was organised at the Malta National Shooting Ranges with James Galea Jr. claiming first place overall in the Trap discipline, while Samuel Grech was the winner in the Dritta event.

In the Trap Event Nico Sciberras and Johan Xuereb joined Galea on the podium as they finished in second and in third the place respectively.

On a separate Range, Grech won the Dritta competition after a three-way shoot-off versus Albert Scicluna and Joseph Cassar with the final scores from a single shot being 24/25 + 20 shoot-off, 24/25 + 19 shoot-off and 24/25 + 14 shoot-off respectively. Michael Bugeja placed in fourth with the score of 23/25, he was followed by Charles Cauchi who hit 22/25 and by Clifton Coleiro who managed 21/25.

After the final stages from a single shot, the top six overall ranking Athletes in the Trap event were; James Galea Jr. with the score of 45/50, Nico Sciberras hit 38/50, Johan Xuereb managed 26/40,  John Marmara 23/35, Stephen Vella 20/30 and Jacob Attard 14/25.

James Galea Jr. also topped the ranking in Trap Class A with the score of 48/50. He was followed by Nico Sciberras who hit 47/50 and by John Marmara as he managed 45/50.

In Class B Trap Event, Christian Schembri took first place when he scored 42/50, Michael Grech claiming second place with 42/50 and Jason Magri finished in third place after hitting of 41/50.

Class C in Trap was won by Jacob Attard when he scored 45/50, Johan Xuereb was runner-up and Hubert Baldacchino finished in third place, both with a respectable score of 44/50.

The trophies were presented by Ms. Pauline Briffa, Secretary General TIM Sport PN.



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