New Integrity Advisory Board set up to administer fight for integrity in Maltese Sport

Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Sport and Voluntary Organisations Clifton Grima has today convened the first meeting of the Sports Integrity Advisory Board which is tasked in forming a new public entity that will administer the fight for integrity in local sport. The Advisory Board will be chaired by ex-UEFA Integrity Officer Dr. Chris Bonett.

Dr. Clifton Grima  stressed that the main aim of the Government is for athletes and players to win and excel at the highest level whilst they act and compete in a way that reflect the values of the sporting heart, that is that you play fair and win clean.

“Match-Fixing and doping go against ethics and the spirit of sport and have no place in Maltese society. A zero-tolerance policy is required to counter any action that damages the reputation of sport and weakens its values,” stated Parliamentary Secretary Grima.

This entity, which is going to be a first for our country, will be responsible for the wider integrity of all local sport. The fight against match-fixing, the manipulation of sports competitions and doping will be at the centre of this entities’ work.

The biggest challenge in this process will taking the fight against corruption in sport further than football and start including doping which admittedly is widespread in sport. The entity will also be responsible for educational programmes which will educate and keep away the public from illegal and other practices which can be detrimental to public health.

The main aim of this advisory board is to create a strategic plan for the formation of the entity, to identify the responsibilities and main aims of the entity, both in the field of anti-doping and anti-match-fixing, to propose a structure for the entity and prepare the necessary legislation together with the office of the Attorney General. The main point of reference is the model adopted by Finland, which is the basis from where the Maltese consultants will start.

This entity is being formed according to a clear disposition that is found in the law against corruption in sport which the Government drafted in 2017, and should be operational as from January 2021.


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