Tal-Qroqq pool to re-open on Monday. What are the measures you have to follow in order to train?

As restrictions are being officially relaxed on outdoor sports, TVM Sport can also confirm that swimmers and waterpolo players can start training again at the pool at Tal-Qroqq as from Monday. At the moment preparations are under way which include filling the pool with water following maintenance works carried out recently.

Here are the list of measures which have been agreed upon between SportMalta and Health Authorities which were published in the official Government guidelines:

Measures for swimmers:

Maximum of three swimmers for every lane in 25 metre pool

Maximum of four swimmers for every lane in 33 metre pool

Maximum of six. swimmings for every lane in 50 metre pool

Alternate lanes will be used with swimmers swimming in opposite directions from the swimmer next to them.

If there is a coach with the swimmers, the rule is 5 swimmers so that there will be six individuals in all even if the coach is on the deck.

The water in the pool needs to be kept higher than 0.5/l Free Chlorine

The sessions need to include times which are divided in a way that there are not too many swimmers on one side of the pool every time that swimmers rest between one exercise and another.

Measures for Synchro swimmers

The same measures for swimmers apply.

No training of group routines is allowed

A distance of three metres between each athlete in the water needs to be maintained

Measures for waterpolo teams

Balls need to be disinfected before and after each session

No contact can be made, so training for man up, man down, and other tactics are not allowed

In a 50 metre pool which can be divided into three sections, this can be divided into three further sections where a maximum of five athletes can train in each section except for the section in the middle which cannot be used.

There needs to be a buffer lane between each section.

The coach on the deck needs to wear a mask or visor.

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