Vendee Globe: Leader Frenchman Yannick Bestaven begins trek towards finish

Frenchman Yannick Bestaven let out a cheer as he arrived at Cape Horn Saturday , allowing the Vendee Globe leader to finally begin the trek northwards towards the finish line.

Bestaven was 85 miles (137km) south of Cape Horn, Argentina when he passed Saturday afternoon at 1342GMT while holding a lead of 159 nautical miles over second placed countryman Charlie Dalin.

Bestaven arrived at the famed location on the 55th day of the quadrennial race but still has more than 7000 nautical miles to the finish line in France before claiming the win.

Top Five:

1. Yannick Bestaven – 7078.33 nautical miles from the finish

2. Charlie Dalin – 159.27 nm from the leader

3. Thomas Ruyant – 458.75 nm from the leader

4. Damien Seguin – 506.87 nm from the leader

5. Benjamin Dutreux – 638.28 nm from the leader


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