An American musical evening ending Teatru Manoel’s season with a boom!

Gabi Sultana and Mirek Coutigny will be closing Teatru Manoel’s season programme for 2017/18 by “tickling the ivories”, with an all-American piano-duo programme on Tuesday 31st July 2018.

The two musical talents express their fascination for the American contemporary repertoire and they are very eager to close Teatru Manoel’s green curtain with a ‘gran final’. From Massachusettes (Frederic Rzewski and John Adams) to California (John Cage and David Lang), Maryland (Philip Glass), New York (Morton Feldman) and finally Washington (William Bolcom), they take us on a road-trip through 5 different States with the works of 7 of the most important American composers of our time.


Frederic Rzewski – Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues

John Cage – Experiences no.1

Philip Glass – In Again Out Again

Morton Feldman – Piano Four Hands

John Adams – Hallelujah Junction

David Lang – Gravity

William Bolcom – The Serpent’s Kiss

The closing performances starts at 9pm at Teatru Manoel on the 31st July 2018. Tickets can be bought from the section Upcoming Events on , through an email on [email protected] or by calling 2124 6389. Age: 6+.