Celebrate the Feast of St Paul by visiting the archaeological site of San Pawl Milqi

On Sunday, 10th February, a public holiday which commemorates the shipwreck of St Paul on our Islands, Heritage Malta is inviting the public to visit the archaeological site of San Pawl Milqi in Burmarrad at a reduced admission fee. According to a traditional Pauline cult, it was here that the Apostle St Paul was greeted by Publius, the governor and first bishop of Malta.

One must say that there is no documentary evidence that St Paul was ever at this place. However, this site, which includes also a chapel, has attracted considerable interest from those who have at heart the Pauline cult and tradition. On this day, visitors can attend mass at San Pawl Milqi chapel.

Archaeologically, the site has significant value. Besides some ancient tombs which are present in the area, it contains the most extensive remains of a typical Roman villa that was occupied for at least six centuries; from the second century BC to the fourth century AD. The remains of several stone instruments related to olive pressing indicate the agricultural section of the villa, whereas traces of fine wall paintings demonstrate the living quarters.

In recent years, Heritage Malta has been dedicating part of this site to beekeeping to produce local honey and other byproducts. These products will be available for sale.

Visitors can participate in the following activities:

Guided tours of the site will start at 09.00am (in Maltese), 10.00am (in English), 11.00am (in Maltese), 12.00pm (in English), 1.00pm (in Maltese), 2.00pm (in English), 3.00pm (in Maltese) and 4.00pm (in English).

Honey demonstrations will start at 10.30am (in English), 11:30am (in Maltese), 1:30pm (in English) and at 2:30pm (in Maltese).

Mass will be celebrated at San Pawl Milqi chapel at 10.00am and at 3:30pm.

Reduced admission: €2 per person.

More information is available on Heritage Malta’s website

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