Hoi Polloi Productions presents the musical Cats

Hoi Polloi Productions new theatre spectacular of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s world famous musical, CATS, opens at the Valletta Campus Theatre this weekend.

Over the next three weekends, audiences will be treated to a uniquely creative experience of acting, dance, singing, live band, costume, visual effects and design.

Director Marco Calleja said that “back in 1981 – when it first opened – CATS was a very experimental piece of theater which made it innovative. Today, with theater conventions continuously changing and evolving, CATS still lends itself to be set in an intimate theater space where the line between the performing space and the audience is blurred to a point where the two become one.”

Once a year a number of cats known as the Jellicles, meet up for the Jellicle Ball held under the light of what they call the Jellicle moon. During the course of the evening each cat tells his story in an attempt to impress the Jellicle leader – Old Deuteronomy, who will eventually choose one of the tribe to go to the Heaviside Layer – the feline version of Heaven. It’s a very human story of personal growth and community topped up with the creative elements of having cats all around.”

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