Online quiz on Facebook by Imqabba band club

The Kummissjoni WEB, which is the media team within the Soċjetà Santa Marija u Banda Re Ġorġ V tal-Imqabba, during these last 3 weeks embarked on a project to organise online quizzes for our members and the general public. This is with the main aim to keep the people occupied during this difficult time.

This quizzes had already got a very positive response and a large number of participation from people from different areas. The quiz is played on an online platform with around 60 question which varies from general knowledge, animals, history, geography, sports, entertainment, places and cities and much more.

The next one will be taking place next Monday, 6 April at 6:45pm where the subjects will be general knowledge on the European Continent. Event is free of charge. This is the event link on facebook.