The Chinese edition of “Behavioural Technical Analysis” by Paul V. Azzopardi

The Chinese edition of “Behavioural Technical Analysis” by Paul V. Azzopardi has just been published in Taiwan with a new foreword by the author for this edition. The book was translated into complex traditional Chinese by the Taiwanese publisher and is available for worldwide

The English version of the book was first published in 2010 by Harriman House of the UK, a specialist finance publisher. Subsequently, a special English edition of the book was published in India by an Indian publisher.

The book, which is available for sale on Amazon and other leading booksellers, is meant for readers who are new to investment as well as the experienced traders who thus far based investment decisions solely on fundamental and technical analysis and want to add a behavioural
dimension to their decision making.

In his foreword to the Chinese edition Mr. Azzopardi writes: As it happened, during the nearly ten years since the book’s first publication in Great Britain by Harriman House, the book’s title has become a frequently used term in investment analysis and in other book titles to describe the fusion and mutual pollination of the exciting new discoveries in behavioural finance and the long-standing interpretation of price and volume charts in technical analysis.