Vespa Fun Ride for Puttinu

For those new to the Vespa fun ride for Puttinu, it’s a gathering between Classic and modern Vespas, where the day will commence with Vespisti meeting at LUXOL GROUND park and ride area at 9.00am. A participation fee/ donation of 10 Euro will be gently collected from every Vespa whilst being immediately presented with a 15 Euro voucher from one our our sponsors.

A MEGA RAFFLE made up of 40 draws  with more than 140 items will be won the smallest draw is worth around Eur40;
whilst the biggest draw is worth around of Eur200, not to mention all prices we will have 2 Helmets from different sponsors , Original Vespa outdoor cover, weekend break , meal vouchers and a lot more .
On the day 3 Raffle tickets will be sold out at a cost of 10Euro but 7 tickets will cost 20 Euro. As one knows, every Euro donation will make a difference.

After the gathering, donations and Raffle, we will kick start our ride and head off to Marsa where the ride will effectively come to an end at the MARSA SPORTS GROUND, where we – all together – will present all the proceeds to Puttinu cares  during the ongoing 60 hour Marathon.

Given that this event is being organized by the Vespa Club Malta, all proceeds will be donated under the Vespa Club Malta name, assisted by the generosity of the sponsors.