The stage is alive

A large number of locally produced dance acts are performing throughout tonight’s show. A spectacle, Neon Lights, comes from the Waterfall Dancers. Waterfall are mainly using Street Dance for their routine, but what makes this performance special is the use of special effects, such as, 12 LED costumes and 27 dancers with face make-up that looks like Barcodes. The second act of the night Noise Makes the Music is performed by the Southville Dancers and features a tribal routine, with lots of break dancing and 29 performers. Last year’s winners Firelight will follow, performing their winning song Coming Home and their latest release….. . Special visual effects are being used to create the Electro-Ballad act. This is a performance that brings together a variety of dance styles and vocals with ballet, modern and break dance.

Friday’s show also featured a variety of Maltese talents. The opening ceremony consisted of all the MESC participants singing the Common Song with dancers from Dance Project. The show also featured various other acts such as Waterfall dancers with their performance called Robot Dance. Malta’s diamond Federica performed her entry for JESC and she received yet another standing ovation from the audience. This robotic dance was created through several special effects for 3 robots, backed by another 36 dancers. Another number was performed by the Moveo Dance Company, who combined graphic visual effects with their dance styles. This number was made specifically to unify the traditional with the modern, while being fantastical and artistic. The local acoustic duo Xarulu also performed a number of songs such as Queen’s Crazy Little Thing Called Love.



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