What are bloggers Grazielle Camilleri and Sarah Zerafa planning for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2018?

For the first time ever in the history of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, Sarah Zerafa and Graielle Camilleri will be the official bloggers who will be commenting throughout the week and during the final session on participants who will be going on stage at the MFCC on Saturday, 3 February.

Sarah and Grazielle wil also be commenting on what will be taking place behind the scenes. This in order to provide a more detailed description to followers and admirers of Eurovision, who will want to know every single detail about what the singers do before, during and after they go on stage to interpret the song with which they will be participating in this prestigious festival.

Grazielle Camilleri is a fashion and travel blogger. A mother, she also runs her own company which handles PR, commercial productions and marketing. To follow her, one can follow the articles, photographs and videos she will be posting on Facebook, Instagram and on her blog –;;

Sarah Zerafa is a model who has established herself in the local fashion sector, and models for various renowned local firms. Sarah will be posting a number of photographs and vlogs on her Instagram, and she can be followed on –;

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