Day 3 of the rehearsals for the MESC 2014 – 2015 came to end


5:20pm – The Ekklesia Sisters closed the rehearsal session of today with their song  Love & Let Go.

4:55pm – Rehearsals are almost coming to an end and one of the last acts is Domini Cini together with his band, with his song Once in a While.

4:35pm – Triolgy, Chasing a Dream, is being interpreted right bow by Eleonor, Roger and Ludwig.

4:15pm – The stage is all for Amber, with her solo act of Warrior.

 3:50pm – And now the stage is crowded as l-Aħwa,(the siblings) started performing their entry, Beautiful to Me

3:35pm – Corazon, Secretely, came up on stage and then she was followed by her dancers.

3:15pm – A solo Danica took the stage with her song Close your eyes

2:50pm – Deborah C together with her backing vocalists and musicians are now on stage performing the song IT’s OK.

2:20pm – Lawrence Grey is on his piano right now and is giving his interpretation of The One that You Love.

2:00pm – We are on again and the afternoon session kicked off with Domenique Azzopardi with her song Take Me as I Am.

Time for a break for the Crew, in the meantime see a few seconds from this morning’s rehearsals.

12:30pm – Will be closing the morning session with Raquel’s entry Stop Haunting Me.

12:10pm – Glen Vella is right now on stage together with his acrobatic dancer performing his entry, Breakaway.

11:55amSomething in the way, this year’s entry of Daniel Testa is made up of a number of brass musicians as well.

 11:25am – Karen Debattista with a number of musicians took the stage to rehearse her entry 12, Baker Street.

11:00am -Right on stage we have another band that is accompanying Chris Grech to perform his song Closed Doors.

10:40am – The stage right now is house to Jessika and her dancer for the song Fandango.

10:10am – Christabelle with her dancers just finished her performance of the song RUSH.

9:45am -Franklin Calleja with his 3 backing vocalists, is on stage with his entry for this year Still Here.

9:20am – Iona Dalli together with her band just took the stage to perform her song Could have been Seen.

9:00am – As part of the preparation for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2014 – 2015 today all the 20 participants will have a 20 minutes rehearsal on stage.  Rehearsals will kick off of 9:00am with Lyndsey  Pace and her song Home. After each reherasal each participant will head into the viewing room to finalise the final touches before tomorrow’s dress rehearsal.

Lyndsey Pace - Home
Iona Dalli - Could Have been Seen
Franklin Calleja - Still Here
Christabelle - Rush
Jessika - Fandango
Chris Grech - Closed Doors
Karen Debattista - 12,Baker Street
Daniel Testa - Something in the Way
Glen Vella - Breakaway
Raquel - Stop haunting me
Domenique - Take me as I am
Lawrence Gray - The One that you Love
Deborah C - It's OK
Danica - Close your eyes
Corazon - Secretley
L-aħwa - Beautiful to Me
Amber - Warrior
Trilogy - Chasing a Dream
Dominic - Once In a While
Ekklesia Sisters - Love & Let Go