Change in instrumentation of one of the finalist songs in MESC 2018

Following reports in local and international media alleging that the song “Dai Laga” may contain elements that breach European Broadcasting Union (EBU) Regulations, PBS, Eurovision Song Contest organisers, contacted EBU to ascertain whether the song breached its Regulations as is being alleged.

On advice and with the assistance of the EBU, PBS concluded the whole problem was not one of the originality of the melody but essentially on the use of a ‘stem’ or a particular ‘sample’ from the song, which stem may have been purchased by the composer and licenced by an internet site.

In consequence, PBS used its faculty as granted by the Festival Regulations and requested the composer to submit a new version of the song in the context that the melody and the rhythm should be identical and that the ‘stem’ or particular ‘sample’ be removed or given new instrumentalisation.

The new version was submitted to PBS by the composer today and consequently PBS is publishing the new version of the song to substitute the first version. The new version and all the songs in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2018 may be heard and viewed on: