‘Coming Home’, a brand new recording

Sound Engineer Arturo Pellegrini is back in Malta together with the Italian musician Maurizio Campo to assist PBS and Firelight to record a new arrangement of the song ‘Coming Home’.

Campo, first pianist of the San Remo Orchestra, will be working on the new arrangement of the song.  Pellegrini, mostly noted for his work on Italian national television has already been a few times before to Malta to enhance the audio transmission of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest.  This time Pellegrini will be working on the remix of the song ‘Coming Home’.   He stated that ‘Coming Home’ is already a very good product.  However, he added that the new version will have a more professional recording and that even though the structure of the song will not be changed, the final product will have an audio makeover.

The members of the band are excited about the new recording.  ‘Things are happening quite fast, but so far we are very happy with the way things are progressing.  I am lucky to be working with such professional team members and I am sure that the end product will be fantastic’ said Richard Edwards, author and composer of the song and lead singer of the band Firelight.

The new recording of ‘Coming Home’ is being carried out at Lito’s Place Recording Studio in Floriana.  Sound Engineer Manolito Galea and Music Producer Elton Zarb are also assisting in the recording.

Meanwhile, the production of the music video is well underway.  Both the song and the accompanying video are expected to be launched in the coming days as part of the promotion being prepared for the Eurovision Song Contest which will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Daniel d’Anastasi

MESC – Head of Press